About DJ SEB

DJ SEB is born on November 15th 1980 as Sebastiaan Walen.

Music has been ingrained in Sebastiaan since he was a little boy. From early age he already had a great passion for music.

With a disco set in his bedroom his adventure with tapes, vinyl, cd’s and nowadays digital began. The disco set got expanded and quickly became too large for his bedroom.

The bedroom set got replaced by a drive-inn set, together with his dad he went around the country to perform during school parties, weddings, business events and larger private parties for big organizations as the “Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club” on the Dam square in Amsterdam.

The drive-inn set got exchanged for a wife and kids but the passion always remained. When Sebastiaan got to work at Club Organza, his passion became more alive. Together with Jessica (DJ SIS) he works behind the bar, and together they are always up for a party. They found out that they both share the same passion and an idea was born. Together they practiced in the club and they followed a DJ workshop to get more familiar with the modern equipment. They have spent hours behind the decks and became better and better.

Totally unexpected they needed to close of a new year’s party in Club Organza, they went absolutely crazy and raised the roof. The crowd loved it and gave them the energy to decide to continue as DJ SIS & SEB.